Crypto Mastermind Insights

Step-by-step guide on how to Fish for Gains without spending time watching news, analyzing charts, and suffering from information overload. 

Heard about Bitcoin in 2011 when it was $1 and thought it was a fad?

Heard about $DOGE Coin only after it went up 3000% ?

Tired of reading about these opportunities after they have happened?

Ready to find the next Crypto for 10x returns? Read On!

Crypto DeFi started in 2018 and is quickly growing into one of the fastest trading markets in the world today.  We are just at the beginning. 

I kicked myself because I discovered bitcoin in 2014 and did not buy. I don't want you to feel the same. 

The Program consists of 3 parts:


With our video training lessons, we will walk you through everything you need to do to get started right.


We designed the course with the beginner in mind (Worth $599).
In the training, you will learn:

  1. The Basics of Blockchain 

  2. Basics of Cryptocurrency

  3. What is Defi and why its going to change the world of finance forever

  4. How to create and secure your own Crypto wallet

  5. How to fund your crypto wallet and back to fiat at zero fees fast

  6. What are DApps and DEX

  7. How to spot and arbitrage across different Decentralised Exchange

  8. What are the various Networks

  9. What is Liquidity Pool, Yield Farming and how this will give you passive income

  10. Advanced strategies to earn 20% interest a year in DeFi risk-free

  11. How to spot and arbitrage across different decentralised exchanges

  12. IDO Launchpads and the legendary 10x returns

  13. How to identify Crypto scams & stay safe

  14. Learn how to borrow money and get paid to do so

  15. Learn how to buy Shares and Commodities on the Blockchain

  16. How to Protect your money from the volatility of Crypto

  17. Get lifetime access to the newest content when it arrives


  1. Get access to 1 year of Daily Premium Insights in our Private Group (Worth $2999) 

  2. Ask all your questions here and get support by us and other students

  3. Get advice on how to structure your investment portfolio

  4. What are the best Crypto buys and best farms at any point in time

  5. Get updated with the latest crypto news

  6. What actions I am taking daily

  7. Get daily market outlook and alerts from premium indicators from premium subscriptions I pay $20,000/year for

  8. Know all the juicy farms that I am participating in, and the strategy that I use to determine how to choose and allocate for farming (Worth $2999)


  1. Monthly call to keep everyone updated on market outlook and economic trends

  2. Explanation of Macro-economic indicators and its impact on the stocks, bond, commodities and crypto market in the near future

  3. Ask me about any specific security you have in mind - crypto, stocks, commodities and and I will show you its support and resistance price, good entry and exit price, backed by technical analysis (Worth $888)

Price: $4486

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Can I start without any basic knowledge?

Up to 80% of our students started without any basic knowledge. Our students age range between 14 and up to 65 years old. All strategies and guidelines will be conducted in a detailed step by step method to ensure everyone understand and can start investing straight after the class.

2.   Is this guaranteed to make money? Other trading courses I attended before made me lose money instead.

Nearly impossible to lose money. If you follow exactly the safest strategies we teach and don't make money, we will refund you the entire fee.

Disclaimer: Nothing I say is financial advice.

3.   Any other expenses to start besides this?

No, that's all you need to spend. You do need money to invest of course.

4.   How much do I need to invest?

That is up to you.  This requires some capital to get started. Yes, you can do this on a budget of at least a $1000 will be good.  We will never tell you how much you need to invest.

5.   After the course, is there any support? 

Of course! The course is just the start, we will be supporting you in our private Telegram Group with premium insights shared with you almost daily. This is a closed group and any question asked will be answered. You can stay fully engaged by interacting and exchanging knowledge with us and other students in the group as long as you stay subscribed.

6.   We will be organising a Live Webinar every month to answer queries for newcomers. What if I missed the Live Webinar session?

We will have the replay recorded, so not to worry. If you have further questions, you can ask us in our Telegram Group.

7. How is this different from other course?

Other courses focuses on active trading and speculations. Our main focus is on a holistic portfolio that uses longer-term investing with passive income strategies, so you don't have to trade often to make a profit.

We are so confident that our system works that if you "Take Action, Success is near".

8. If I pay monthly, can I cancel my monthly subscription?

Yes, you can. Drop us an email at or on Telegram @mynameiscj @samhoct

9. How much time do I need to spend?

Very little, as the focus is on passive income.

Recent Secrets Shared

Around 20 June 2021, an in-depth research on $AXIE Infinity was done as it seemed undervalued.
On 25 June, the research was published.

By 30 June, $AXIE infinity went up 50%.

In 1 week, $10K was turned to $15K, a $5000 profit in 1 week

axie infinity research moon.png

On 26 June 2021, an IDO on $MINE was shared with the group to buy $MINE at $0.01.
On 2 July,  $MINE went up to $0.10.

A 10x returns in 1 week - $1000 to $10000

$MINE moon.png

2 secrets in one month. What are you waiting for?

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